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Drake Bell

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It's Only Time by Drake Bell CD

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Drake Bell (born June 27, 1986)[1] is an award winning American actor, comedian, guitarist, singer/songwriter and television director. Bell is commonly associated with his friend Josh Peck, who co-starred with him in both The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh. After beginning his career as a child actor in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he appeared on The Amanda Show and became well known among young audiences for his role on the series Drake & Josh. In addition to his acting, Bell has a growing career as a musician, and wrote and performed the theme song to the show he starred in Drake & Josh entitled Found a Way. In 2005 he independently released his debut album, Telegraph. His second album, It's Only Time, was released in 2006 after signing with Universal/Motown. His Third album is to be released on October 14th 2008. He is the cousin of San Diego Padres pitcher Heath Bell.

Drake Bell interview

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Acting career

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At around 10 years old, Drake acted in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire as Jesse Remo. He also appeared in a small role in the Seinfeld episode "The Frogger" in 1998. He also acted in a commercial for Pokemon Red and Blue In 1999. 2000, he was nominated for the Young Artist Award for "Best Performance in a TV Movie or Pilot" in the "Supporting Young Actor" category for his role as Cage Redding in the made-for-television film The Jack Bull. During the early 2000s, Bell was a featured performer on The Amanda Show and made a guest appearance on the series The Nightmare Room, before being cast as Drake Parker on the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh, which began airing in 2004. During this time period, he made a guest appearance as himself on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101, won a "Blimp Award" at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in the "Favourite Male TV Actor".

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Also at the 2008 Kid's Choice Awards, Drake Bell went against Josh Peck for "Favorite Male TV Actor" and won a "Blimp Award" again, making this the third year in a row for Bell to win a "Blimp Award" for "Favorite Male TV Actor". In Spring 2008 Bell had a starring role in the comedy spoof film Superhero Movie. In August 2008 he has another film that he will be starring in titled College. This film was shot on location in New Orleans. Bell has signed a producing deal with Virtus Entertainment and will star in The Miracle of Santa Rosa, about an American who returns to his ancestral home in Italy to spread his father's ashes. Bell will also be in another Virtus Entertainment production, this one a mini-series titled Flying Tigers. The film is about a squadron of American pilots who fought the Japanese in Asia immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Bell will star in "Drake & Josh: Best Christmas Ever" along side Josh Peck which will begin production in July 2008, and is slated for release in December 2008 [2].


Year Award Category Result
2008 Blimp Award (Kids' Choice Awards) Favourite TV Actor (Drake & Josh) Won
2007 Blimp Award (UK Kids' Choice Awards) Best TV Show (Drake & Josh) Won
2007 Blimp Award (UK Kids' Choice Awards) Best Male Singer Won
2007 Blimp Award (Kids' Choice Awards) Favourite TV Actor (Drake & Josh) Won
2006 Blimp Award (Kids' Choice Awards) Favorite TV Actor (Drake & Josh) Won
2006 Young Artist Award (Young Artist Awards) Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Ensemble Cast (Yours, Mine and Ours) Nominated
2000 Young Artist Award (Young Artist Awards) Best Performance in a TV Movie or Pilot - Supporting Young Actor (The Jack Bull) Nominated

Music career

Bell's first association with music was when he was in the 2001 movie Chasing Destiny. He has also done a duet with former savage garden member Darren Hayes. He co-starred with The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey who gave him his initial guitar lessons. Bell's first major performance was when he performed the first song he ever wrote entitled Lost A Lover on The Amanda Show in 2002. But his career as a musician really got noticed when he wrote and performed the theme song for the show Drake & Josh entitled Found a Way which was included on Drake & Josh: Songs from and inspired by the hit TV show, along with two other compositions he has written and performed. Found A Way was also on his debut album Telegraph, and was released independently on September 27, 2005.

In 2005, Bell collaborated with Hawk Nelson in a song called Bring Em' Out which was featured in the movie Yours, Mine and Ours. He and fellow band mate Michael Corcoran do all the score music for Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, and iCarly. In 2006 he signed with Universal Records, on which his first single "I Know" was released on October 17, 2006. Shooting for the video of "I Know" took place in October 2006. Drake's second album, entitled It's Only Time, was released on December 5, 2006. Drake performed live on MTV's TRL the day after it was released. In Summer 2007, Bell went on a Nextfest tour in support of It's Only Time, headlining alongside Aly & AJ and Corbin Bleu. In an interview with Gibson Lifestyle, he expressed that it wasn't the tour of his dreams. Referring to his fellow tour mates, Bell said, "They’re all nice people, and they do what they do well, I guess. This isn’t my scene, though."

On October 16, 2007 iTunes released a Radio Disney Single Edit Version of his song Makes Me Happy. This makes it the third version of this song, and his second single for his album It's Only Time. He also co-wrote and sang the theme song for the show iCarly "Leave It All To Me" with Miranda Cosgrove, and on May 24, 2008 the official music video for the song aired, and Bell was included in the video, along with Miranda Cosgrove and the rest of the iCarly cast. Bell has recorded a theme song featuring Sara Paxton for his movie Superhero Movie called Superhero! Song. This song can be heard in the ending credits of Superhero Movie and on Drake Bell's Official MySpace. This song was made available on iTunes as a digital download single on April 8, 2008. Critics have described his music as influenced by The Beatles and The Beach Boys.[3]

Bell's third album is slated for a Fall 2008 release, but in interviews he has explained that it is a double disc album and he is making a movie along side of the album so he stated it is very "heady" and will take up most of his time, though nothing is final, so the date can't be determined at this point, though it is most likely that it will be released on 13th October 2008.[4][5]

To celebrate Bell's 22nd Birthday, he performed a concert in Denver, Colorado. The cast of Drake & Josh were invited.

Car accident

On December 29, 2005, Bell was involved in a car accident on Los Angeles' Pacific Coast Highway. He was in the car with a friend, and a truck ran a red light causing a head on collision. As his car was a 1966 Ford Mustang, the steering wheel was made of wood and metal, the seatbelts were only around the waist, and there were no airbags. Because of this, his face smashed into the steering wheel, resulting in a broken neck, six dislodged teeth, a jaw broken in three places, a cracked skull, and a deep cut across his chin which he said he could stick his tongue through leaving a two-and-a-half inch scar. Bell underwent plastic surgery to fix his face. In an interview, Bell said that it was scary being hooked up to tubes, fed only liquids and not knowing whether he would be okay, and if he could ever sing, act, or even tie his shoes again.'


Bell has been seen with a number of guitars on Drake & Josh. One being a copy of a Fender Stratocaster seen throughout Seasons one and two and two episodes in Season three. Two Squier by Fender Strat copies were seen in the Season two episode, Guitar. There was a black one and a red one. The red one wasn't played, but instead destroyed (and replaced) by Josh. Throughout Seasons three and four, Bell's main instrument were two Gibson Les Paul Classics. In the show, he mostly used a wine red one, but in a few episodes he was seen with an ebony one. He was also seen with various acoustic guitars and a Rickenbacker 325. he had a broken leg and dick


  • Home Improvement (1994) - Pete Jr.
  • Drifting School (1995) - Kenny Smith
  • The Neon Bible (1995) - David 'Age 10'
  • Jerry Maguire (1996) - Jesse Remo
  • Dill Scallion (1999) - Eugene Bob
  • Dragonworld: The Legend Continues (1999) - Johnny
  • The Jack Bull (1999) - Cage Redding
  • The Amanda Show (1999-2002), (39 episodes) - Himself
  • High Fidelity (2000) - Young Rob Gordon
  • Perfect Game (2000) - Bobby Jr.
  • Chasing Destiny (2001) - Walter
  • Drake & Josh (2004-2007),- Drake Parker
  • Yours, Mine and Ours (2005) - Dylan North
  • Zoey 101 (2005), (1 episode) - Himself
  • Drake & Josh Go Hollywood (2006) - Drake Parker
  • Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp (2007) - Drake Parker
  • Superhero Movie (2008) - Rick Riker
  • College (2008) - Kevin Brewer
  • Unstable Fables: Tortoise vs. Hare (2008) - Hare's Son (voice)
  • Drake & Josh: Best Christmas Ever (2008) - Drake Parker


  • 2005: Telegraph
  • 2006: It's Only Time
  • 2008: TBA


Year Song Chart positions Album
U.S. Hot 100 U.S. Pop 100 Hot Digital Tracks
2006 "I Know" (promo) - - - It's Only Time
2007 "Makes Me Happy" 103 67 45
2008 "Superhero! Song" (promo) 92 - -
2008 "Leave It All To Me" 100 83 - iCarly: Music From and Inspired by the Hit TV Show

References and Notes

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I love your guitars.

i'll call u the  king of music and acting... u rock!!

drake bell your music rocksss!!!!!!!! don't let anybody tell ya different!!

Drake, i think that you are totally awesome!!! I love your guitars, like especially your Les Pauls, they are my favorite!!!!!!!!!! Rock ON!!!!!!!!!

drake is awesome but no with glasses and not with his hair parted he needs to keep it like he did in drake and josh

drake, one hot hunk

he is a cool singer and actor. he is the best

you are the bests drake bell\

ooooooooooo he is hottttttttttt

hey drake! i love ur music! you are an awesome musician and singer! i love every thing about you. especially your LONG hair, but you do what you want with it. i wont stop liking your music or your show if you cut it or anything.  i love you and your music always!!   =]]  <3333 Britney

i love you drake bell and your music! that is so sad you got into a car wreck i didn't know that. but i'm glad your okay.

Wow he loves The Beatles that's awesome! I'm a HUGE BEATLES FREAK! Peace and Love! :D



drake, please keep you're hair long & sexy

drake i would love 2 see u in hip hop fashion

Drake Bell your are a really good actor. Jose Peck you are one of the funniest guys i've seen on television. Megan is a really good actor like you Drake Bell and Josh Peck. I love watching your show.

Hola drake soy maria jose y te quiero decir que eres el mejor cantante y actor que existe en el mundo.No sabes como te admiro y me gustaria conocerte algun dia.I love you

Me and my sister think u r soooooooooooooo HOT  i mean hoter than jhonny depp


hi drake i love your hair i love everything about you my favourite person in the whole while world is you drake please can you put my name on drake and josh my name is Danielle i always watch the show for my birthday i am getting everything what's about drake and josh i love u have a nice time on your show i watch you on a Amanda show bye drake Danielle xxxxxx

I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH DRAKE BELL! hes perfect. and i would DIE to meet him someday. gahhh i love him :] i listen to him every single day. he was just on tv.. and once i heard his name, my jaw dropped and i ran up to the tv and watched him. that seriously made my day.. wow. but yeah.. i looove drake bell :D

I Love you Drake! You are so hot


you are hot Drake bell. my name is Drake to haheh

drake, please don't keep your hair long

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